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OEM and Non-OEM Repair Capabilities

Our capabilities to design and manufacture radomes provide all of the tools and practices needed to evaluate and repair radomes. Our site is highly specialized with over 50 years of experience in design, evaluation, repair, replacement and testing of military radomes. Our expert team provides unmatched service and quality throughout the repair process.

Radome Repair Process

Radomes are structural components that are crucial to electronic warfare and communication, navigation, and identification missions. They protect antennas from environmental damage such as hail, birdstrike, snow, and rain, while still allowing electromagnetic signals to pass through with minimal interference. It is vital that the radome is performing per specification requirement to ensure the system operates at full efficiency.

  • Consists of close examination of the radome. On occasion, this requires stripping of the paint in order to more closely examine the outer surface layers.

  • Once the extent of damage is fully understood, we work with the customer to determine the optimal repair methodology.

  • Upon receipt of approval to proceed, we repair the radome per the proposal. If needed, fabrication of tooling will be done in order to properly finish the outer surface. 

  • Once the composite repair is completed, we have the capability of painting the radome, applying lightning diverters, and electrically testing it in either the compact range or one of the far-field ranges.

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