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Mechanical & Environmental Testing

Our capabilities for antennas and radomes has provided all of the tools and best practices needed to understand the proper testing needed to field applications. Our site is highly specialized with decades of experience utilizing various materials and passing strict environmental requirements.

Testing Process

For mechanical and environmental testing of materials, we make use of both in-house capabilities and nationally recognized and certified 3rdparty test facilities. In-house mechanical testing capabilities include an Instron384 with 150 KN load cell, and a TiniusOlsen testing machine. We can test RTA, ETW, and CTD.

Our site has the capability to test to the following ASTM standards:

  • ASTM C-297 (Flatwise Tension)

  • ASTM C-393 & D-7249 (Sandwich Flexure 3 & 4 point bend)

  • ASTM D-6641 (Compression)

  • ASTM D-2344 (InterlaminarShear)

  • ASTM D-3039 (UntabbedTension Strength)

  • ASTM D-5766 (Open-Hole Tension)

  • ASTM D-5961 (Bearing Strength Method A and C)

  • ASTM D-6484 (Open-Hole Compression with Gauge)

  • ASTM D-7078 (In-Plane Shear Strength)

  • ASTM C-364 (Edgewise Compressive Strength)

  • ASTM D-7332 (Fastener Pull-Through Resistance Compressive and Tensile)

  • ASTM D-7264 (Flexural Properties of Polymer Matrix Composite Materials)

  • ASTM D-695 (Compressive Properties)

  • ASTM D-1781 (Climbing Drum Peel)

  • ASTM D-790 (Flexure)

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