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Antenna Processes and Experience

Our technical team is fully staffed with electrical, composite and process engineers skilled in all aspects of antenna design and production. They are equipped with the latest and most powerful equipment and computer-aided engineering and design software packages, and a number of other computer programs. Our engineers follow products through the entire design and production process, working with our manufacturing team to ensure excellent product quality and realization of maximum performance.

In addition to our in-house design expertise, we also team with various experts in order to field different antenna technologies to customers design problems. This expertise allows us to provide antenna types such as magnetic flux channel antennas that provide unique solutions to our customers.

  • Hypersonic Antennas

  • Low Observable Antennas

  • High Power Horn Antennas

  • Conformal Data Link and SATCOM

  • Spiral Antennas

  • Blade Antennas

Our Baltimore facility specializes in high performance antennas for military electromagnetic applications. We have been designing and developing antennas since 1965 and are highly familiar with environmental requirements whether it be for sea, land, air, or space solutions.

  • Fixed Wing Fighters

  • Multi-Mission Aircraft

  • Strike Aircraft

  • Configurable Pods

  • Munitions

  • Rotor Aircraft

  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

  • Surface Ships

  • Submarines

  • Unmanned Underwater Vehicles 

  • Ground Vehicles

  • Fixed Radar Sites


Our antennas are designed to have the maximum effect, with minimal signal loss, while maintaining equipment compatibility in different environments, such as subsonic, supersonic, and hypersonic conditions. We work with the customer to design the antenna and associated equipment to ensure ease and quick installation.



The overall performance of the antenna is optimized by determining the best location and associated materials to meet the customer requirements.



Manufacturing engineers develop assembly processes and techniques to ensure products are fully compliant with specification requirements. We have established workstations, consistent with Lean Manufacturing techniques and principles to stream-line the production orders.



Electrical testing may be accomplished on the full size ground planes that simulate installation on the actual platform. If the antenna reflections are strong or if multiple antennas are being tested, an absorber isolation system is used to tune the assembly.

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