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Meggitt’s technical team is fully staffed with electrical, composite and process engineers skilled in all aspects of antenna design and production.


Technical activities are led by experienced engineers with significant relevant experience:

  • Most of the engineers have postgraduate degrees with some having achieved PhD’s. Meggitt antenna engineers are skilled at analysis, design, and production support.


  • They are equipped with the latest and most powerful equipment and computer-aided engineering and design software packages, including Ansys high frequency structural simulator (HFSS), SBR+, PMM, PCAAD, and a number of proprietary Meggitt computer programs.


  • Meggitt engineers follow products through the entire design and production process, working with our manufacturing team to ensure excellent product quality and realization of maximum performance.

In addition to our in-house design expertise, Meggitt also teams with various experts in specific fields in order to field different antenna technologies to customers design problems. This expertise allows Meggitt to provide antenna types such as magnetic flux channel antennas that provide unique solutions to our customers.

Antenna Design Expertise:

  • High power horn antennas for EW applications

  • Aircraft blade antennas for CNI applications

  • Low Observable Antennas

  • Conformal data link and SATCOM antennas


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