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Materials Properties Testing

Meggitt has the in house capability to test to the following ASTM standards:

  • ASTM C-297 (Flatwise Tension)

  • ASTM C-393 & D-7249 (Sandwich Flexure 3 & 4 point bend)

  • ASTM D-6641 (Compression)

  • ASTM D-2344 (Interlaminar Shear)

  • ASTM D-3039 (Untabbed Tension Strength)

  • ASTM D-5766 (Open-Hole Tension)

  • ASTM D-5961 (Bearing Strength Method A and C)

  • ASTM D-6484 (Open-Hole Compression with Gauge)

  • ASTM D-7078 (In-Plane Shear Strength)

  • ASTM C-364 (Edgewise Compressive Strength)

  • ASTM D-7332 (Fastener Pull-Through Resistance Compressive and Tensile)

  • ASTM D-7264 (Flexural Properties of Polymer Matrix Composite Materials)

  • ASTM D-695 (Compressive Properties)

  • ASTM D-1781 (Climbing Drum Peel)

  • ASTM D-790 (Flexure)

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