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For all our radome and antenna products, there are unique electrical test requirements specific to each. As a result, Meggitt develops test procedures accordingly. In some cases, specialized test fixtures and jigs are designed and fabricated in-house.  


Testing is conducted in one of Meggitt’s far-field indoor ranges. Each of the four ranges are configured slightly differently to accommodate unique test requirements. One of the ranges has specialized switching that enhances measurement accuracy and minimizes test time for a complex phased array radome and has become recognized as the standard benchmark for the particular product being manufactured and tested.

Antenna and Radome Testing

Large compact range:

For certain types of radomes, the compact range enhances our measurement accuracy and provides unparalleled correlation between the measurement results at Meggitt and the installed system performance.




  • Quiet zone of 8’ x 8’ x 5.3’ (L x W x H) and is capable of measuring from 2 to 50 GHz

  • RF equipment is based on commercially available network analyzers

  • Configured with a model tower (either fiberglass or steel depending on the unit under test weight requirements) mounted on a linear slide on an azimuth over elevation over slide positioning system

  • System antenna ensures the radome is illuminated as it will be when mounted on the aircraft. In some cases, Meggitt will also fabricate and use a representation of the surrounding aircraft structure to accurately simulate the as-installed aircraft environment

  • Capable of measuring radar cross section of radomes and antennas. In this case, a pylon or foam column is used to support the test body and unit under test

View and download our Test Services Brochure here: 

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